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Keen to find recommended UK Easter and Summer revision courses?

Expertly designed revision courses enable children to embed and extend their learning during holiday periods. Your child can attend revision courses that focus on one subject, multiple areas of learning and those all-important study skills. They’ll benefit from a combination of revision lessons and exam practice. Preparation for all exam boards’ qualifications is supported.

Their in-built flexibility means that they’re also the appropriate way to bridge any gaps in your child’s education experience, at any subject or level.

A holiday revision course helps your child consolidate their learning, build their confidence, and maximise their academic potential.

Key reasons why people often come to us to book revision courses:

  • Studying at home can be much harder than expected.
  • The syllabus has been covered but your child is struggling with past papers and exam technique.
  • Your child is starting to give up/lose momentum but they need good grades for university.
  • A specific subject is taking up too much time.
  • Your child is concerned that he/she will be ready in time.
  • Effective revision technique can ensure students are kept organised and focused, their time has been utilised effectively and students can approach their exams with confidence.

Build confidence, maximise academic potential

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